01 September 16 2013

Según este informe, el  ((( Cometa C/2012 S1   fue descubierto por primera vez el 21 de septiembre 2012 ))) por los astrónomos aficionados rusos, Vitali Nevski y Artyom Novichonok utilizando la red óptica científica internacional (International Scientific Optical Network), dando así a este cometa su nombre ISON.

0:03 as there’s an article today that go around up that early
0:06 to the paper ;to european newspaper but saying that a new report prepared by the
0:11 Federal Space Agency
0:12 would in russia they call it ROSCOSMOS to circulate in the kremlin today
0:17 the state’s a comet C12 S 1
0:19 is C / 2012 ( S1 ) ISON HAS MADE A NUMBER OF

0:23 unexplained orbital adjustments around the planet ……………….Mars
0:26 seemingly to better align itself with the Red planet strange
0:30 moon Phobos. Now they’ve had trouble
0:33 The russians says it with with all their Mars missions
0:38 we shall PHOBUS ONE come down
0:42 Phobos 1 they think was shut down , they are not ……………….sure what happened there
0:45 actually the (USD digitor ) what happened. Now
0:49 there’s also a a professor there are Ignacio Ferrin
0:52 in Colombia this is in a paper submitted to the ………….Monthly Notices of the Royal
0:57 Astronomical Society further noted that ” COMET ………………………………………………………………………..ISON
1:01 has been on a standstilll for more than 132 days
1:04 this is a close up but that image gas and
1:08 these are just very discolored temperatures didn’t ………………..know sure what
1:11 …………..that is

1:12 behind the main object inside this COMET
1:16 again it could be a STAR in the background not sure ……………would know on the
1:21 images that come in tonight
1:22 if it still in the same place but again it’s interesting ………………………just to see the various
1:26 temperature changes
1:28 THE differences in the images as you change his


1:32 no ;we’re talking about Phobus we’re talking about ………………………..MARS
1:37 this is McKenna this is a joke for NASA
1:41 The most of the shoots that they
1:44 have seen from there rover look like a Arizona New  Mexico
1:48 but this is Phobus; and it’s a strange
1:52 moon we are getting some
1:55 satellite images over it and if some strange things on …………………the moon in
1:59 this will need may have seen it was circulating for a while ………………..if they found a
2:03 MONOLITH ON this moon and THIS IS a picture of ………………..CLOSE UP of this thing.
2:08 AND the reason i’m talking about MARS is;
2:11 and our PHOBUS in the things like that if you remember the ANUNNAKI STORY ………….. 2:16 The Igigi where ,they controled the Mars base for ………..the relay of the Gold
2:21  And then they came down and married the woman ……..on Earth
2:25  kind they took them on hostage this is also
2:28  supposed appears in this  (kind of an image of it )
2:31  And this is kind of an image shown drawn up to shows

2:36 Phobos orbiting around mars in the Mars expressed
2:39 taking those pictures that you saw now
2:43 this is the image that we had in the video the other day the close up a(  ? )
2:46  guys
2:46  and I’m one of the things i want to point
2:50  is that term it does not like a common in this sooner
2:53  but one of the things that term I believe was confusing people is it
2:59  we were us said we had accounted for the
3:02  barrel X Factor now that would be these three
3:06  great balls that you see here or three different images
3:11  up what was inside each one of those or three objects of a put the same
3:16 photographs at Bass at three times
3:18  there’s still three objects in each one just get that out the way
3:22  now from also guys had
3:27  were talking about something that goes back in in anarchy history
3:31  re Egypt with the Egyptians were about is closed though
3:35 those guys in the Sumerians is we’re gonna get to this feature religion
3:39 anniston ancient knowledge gases that look for me right there there
3:43 red-winged object probably with the latest audit
3:51 you guys this is arm hey man hope to
3:55 the third these this is the fair O
3:59 the was the one after Moses kathy is realize how tough
4:04 Egypt name look at these pictures
4:07 what it do do you understand what you lookin help
4:11 this is the people that Moses dealt with this is this soon
4:15 at the FEI World that Moses personally had to deal with
4:19 these are the people that Paul Moses out of the water
4:23 they taught him all the secrets
4:26 he was called the print to the gym he was not in israel
4:29 white yes is never TD
4:33 this is dumb woman that she just showing the image is holding
4:36 the two daughters these are the two daughters
4:41 they’re not human
4:45 now imagine Moses stand in Newnan fire assay Moses why you really wanna …………leave
4:49 in Moses
4:50 uses a when you Yuki is you can forgive mikey is out BKS you know
4:56 can nat gas
5:00 reason I’m gonna go here is because we’re talking about
5:03 white gold we’re talking about the end in our key goal
5:06 inquire it was used for you know those reports that
5:09 in all stores a used it for their atmosphere which could have been there
5:12 could have been Kim turning because
5:15 he said it was from nuclear wars there that diminish their atmosphere
5:19 pretty bad but another reason
5:22 and it goes back to the ancient Egyptians in the Sumerians in Moses gas
5:26 is this white powder gold
5:29 and you see a rush on it now we buy gold everywhere you look
5:34 but it’s got to do with the human body in the body in
5:37 in itself in some researcher to do in but you’re looking at it DNA
5:42 and chromosome within the DNA and I’m
5:45 what happens his as your sales divide
5:49 the tip so these chromosomes where out and
5:53you looking at here when the sale divide you see the 123
5:58each time it divides where’s that to it now call the tele mores
6:02are amino the telomeres and
6:06what they’ve done to they figured out is that because the
6:09tell among raise is not there
6:12the sales continue to split into a base cannot do any more when it
6:16to you wears off tell Maria the in
6:21you started our the aging process there’s no more cell reproduction
6:25now when they it introduced telomerase the
6:29chemical into the sales he says it’s in in Sam that Bo’s in maintain Stella
6:34Marie years it
6:35prevent shortening beheading extra pieces have DNA each term assailed the
6:40known the right you see the cancer sales and how they were active in dividing
6:44that’s how they discovered the tell mores it would require the cancer
6:50are reproducing in very healthy in people that are older younger
6:56you know in bad shape but the sales are doing good
7:00in it with they found it it was his telomerase
7:03now we knew when you doing with their
7:08they found out that white powder gold
7:12summer the Super medals the real
7:16platnum if a processor right they can get this war
7:20white powder in this white power goes back
7:24in ancient history but this is a pitcher guys have what’s called an immortal sale
7:29listening miss telomerase makes those sales immortal soul they
7:34they’re experimenting and it may hit with cancer research
7:37but here they’re talking about we’re talking about the DNA
7:42miss a lot in this video I understand missus humanities 120 variations have
7:47been divided into 33 serb units known as
7:49haplogroups those 33 a drive from 7
7:53ancient females mmm geneticists Catholic with the foundering
7:57founding matriarch serve our species
8:01seven daughters Aviva to book my brother Sox
8:04is this every variation between every human
8:08haplogroup is well known in Chronicle in every kingman belongs to one of the 33
8:14group listed now
8:18Moses which tall this
8:21alchemy at what it was when they knew about the is no
8:25what happened in Exodus guys review wanna go there i read it
8:29as we look at summer these images that the helicopters and planes that were
8:33discovered inside their
8:35Pierre mute Moses went down from the mountain remember Nexus is
8:39it came to any fam the golden calf that Aaron had made a fire forgot everybody
8:43for their goalie in
8:45any came out a golden care with that’s not how you make
8:50the white powder gold that she is melting goal in putting in a different
8:55but Moses came down he was Mary Burke KF
8:58in far grounded into what a powder
9:02scattered in water in force the is relies to drink it
9:06to share need me to collect new goal in throwing it into far longer cutting wood
9:09he said it came out as a care
9:12Moses gave these people
9:17this anatomic goal or monatomic gold
9:21excuse me and you know this is a war
9:24they walked in that wilderness they never got blisters on her feet
9:30but guys this is were talking about
9:35more we’re talking about incoming object
9:38we’re talking about the goal market today
9:42now here’s his white powder gold Lexus naturally in your body
9:45is contained in small amounts in the herbs and foods that enhance
9:49the immune system in regeneration the Egyptians in others created them in pure
9:55they understood and imported alchemical quality
9:59regarding the you should the sacred monitor atomic elements to accelerate
10:03cinch in process Gyptian so initiates often fasted prior to
10:08in doing the consumption of white powder gold as monatomic
10:13rhodium in iridium says this was not only for purification they believe that
10:17the digestive acids in this dumb
10:19new to last summer the alchemical products
10:22the monatomic elements now
10:26Motors was told these guys the indifferent to the gym
10:31he knew this stuff in look at the people he would
10:35he was dealing with
10:39no the Hebrew word Ormus
10:42means golden tree
10:45and talk about the white gold in the lecture love life the show Braehead
10:50and mana was made from white powder on the ground the Egyptians gathered up
10:56this is said to be the reason the preschool open it came at the Holy of
11:00Holies after eating the show britt
11:02has a specific way that had to be made special ingredients 12 lows
11:08run into the temple were so many days for
11:11this God to consume
11:15the priest could eat the rest in remember when Moses came down that he
11:19was going guys
11:21in they have found home
11:24that near that mountain a foundry
11:28to make white powder gold there was even some ovett scattered around
11:33that’s where this man was coming from gas
11:38now when you think about this
11:43how does it apply what we what are we looking year would
11:46in this question was brought up the other night after night I some video
11:50what does it mean vs is the fair all
11:53that Moses had to deal with
11:58now look at this look at the heat gas
12:02these were not humans as we know I’m no
12:05but germ it reminds me
12:10I’ve some other things that they talk about will talk about the reptilians
12:14look at two
12:15we talk about the vulture Rockz know both for those who represented
12:19in Egypt here
12:23you have to crocodile keen
12:27been given show Brea usage with the reptilian
12:32storied issues with the stories about the reptilian started
12:36and also love all true vault ruseler voter rights
12:41there are still dealing with us today gas
12:44there’s a battle the battle over iraq just happened to get into those
12:49the whole Middle East is in an uproar is because India’s
12:54it’s not about the little things that mantra doing this is a
12:58cosmic battle to rule the world
13:03that evil still exist in these cake use it you looking at have their minions
13:09the US is one of them
13:14here too


138446519309511940413401197_Supercomet_PromoPublished on 20 Sep 2013
De acuerdo con la Agencia Espacial Federal Rusa, la cometa ISON hizo una serie de “ajustes orbitales de carácter inexplicable” alrededor del planeta Marte, para alinearse mejor con el planeta rojo.En la misteriosa luna Fobos (en marte). Cambios en esta ruta, los científicos se han quedado totalmente perplejos.


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